Maj Anthony Perez, Commander, 81st FSS

Maj Anthony Perez
Commander, 81 FSS

Commander's Corner

Summer Is The Perfect Time To Rejuvenate and Grow

When someone mentions summer, I immediately imagine – relaxing days on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The smell of charcoal. Canoeing the Pascagoula River. Casting my reel in search of catfish. Drinking fresh-squeezed lemonade. Adventure and excitement pretty much sum it up for me.

Just as summer is synonymous with having fun, relaxing, and not having a care in the world, the summer season of life is quite similar. Yet, it is essential to remind ourselves that summer is not just about splendid days on the beach. Before we can enjoy our summer season, we need to finish off the remaining items on our to-do list, provide that final push at home, and work, and then reap the rewards.

Summer is a mixture of play and work. Just as spring is a time for planting and working hard, summer similarly entails some work, but there is more time to have fun and relax.

During the summer season, please remember to:   

Water Your Plants

The Gulf Coast weather can be quite hot and humid right after you have completed your seeding, so it is vital to water your garden.  Your plants can only flourish if they are watered and maintained regularly.  The manner you water and maintain what you have planted in your life is by focusing time and energy on it.  What you put into life is what you get out of it. Spend time fostering friendships, your marriage, your children, your mind and body.  Nothing flourishes without proper care. 

Protect Your Plants

Once your seeds have been sowed, birds will be on the hunt, or bugs might start pecking on the first leaves as they begin to sprout. You will need to erect a scarecrow, net your plants, or apply some pesticide. In our lives, we must construct boundaries to safeguard our investments and ensure growth. Particularly in the early stages of growing something new in our lives, it will need protection, direction, and guidance until it can stand on its own two feet. Protecting your plants will look different for each person and unique to each situation. But regardless of what you are planting, it will need some safety and shelter from external factors.

Learn From Your Plants

Sometimes your plants will not grow. In some instances, you will overwater them. Plants growing in soil that is too wet suffer from a lack of oxygen, which leads to a loss of vigor in the plant and the death of roots. In other cases, you will plant the seeds too deep, so they will be unable to push through the soil. While you may be initially frustrated or perhaps disheartened, the good news is, you can take measures to learn from your missteps. Then, instead of repeating them over again, you will gain valuable insight that will help you in the future. Learn the critical lessons in your summer season early, as you do not want to repeat them later on. 

Appreciate Your Plants

There is contentment in watching something you have sown, mature. Maybe it is because you have planted it yourself, devoted time pulling weeds, and making time to water, fertilize, and protect the seedlings as they sprout. There is great joy in pausing and appreciating the fruits of your labor.  Summer is a combination of enjoyment, excitement, fun, and a little bit of effort. In summer, you need to water your plants, protect your plants, learn from your plants, and, most importantly, appreciate your plants. 

Pausing and appreciating the summer season in life is essential. It gives time to be thankful for how far you have come through a winter season of no growth or a spring season full of preparation. It is necessary to stop and smell the roses; to slow down and appreciate the many blessings in your life.  Relax. Rejuvenate. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine – you deserve it!


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