Maj Anthony Perez, Commander, 81st FSS

Maj Anthony Perez
Commander, 81 FSS

Commander's Corner

Fall is here... What does it mean for You and the Keesler AFB family?

Beautiful, charming, and nostalgic, the meaning of Fall incorporates numerous ideas and traditions from a collection of cultures throughout the centuries. Transformation and change pack the air as leaves change color and fall to the ground. The yellow, orange, and red vegetation are there to remind us that change can be a beautiful thing.

Fall also known as Autumn occurs between September and December. I remember my grandfather referring to Autumn as the Harvest because ranchers and farmers gathered their crops before the winter.

On the day of the Autumn Equinox, both the day and night lasted for 12 hours serving as a reminder to bring some balance into our lives and to take ownership of the direction we are heading in. During this transition, we gain wisdom and knowledge and Autumn is the best season to find a new perspective. It allows us to focus on a range of subjects that come up during this magical season. 

Autumn signifies a point in time for transformations both environmentally and personally. The temperatures dip, leaves fall, and your closet is dominated by apparel that will keep you warm. It is the preferred time of year for those that enjoy cooler weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and a mug of hot mulled apple cider. Fall is a season steeped in tradition, it is the ideal moment to reflect and welcome change.

Symbolism and imagery are carved into the spiritual makeup of Autumn. Numerous traditions and practices have been passed down and adapted throughout the years. As you reflect upon your own heritage you may find that Autumn represents a lot more than you expected. In my beloved State of New Mexico, the Zuni, provide a dance offering to the Great Spirit who gives life to all the world, and provides strength and wisdom to her people. While Autumn is the end to some things it also represents a new beginning and an opportunity to appreciate one's traditions, practices, and find needed balance. 

The meaning of Fall is unique to each person. Some get nostalgic over their memories while others find a spiritual connection to the season. For others, it is the holidays that permit us to be whoever we want to be and eat whatever we want. Autumn is almost the perfect time of year because it has everything we need and want to end happily and begin anew. Welcome the change and embrace Autumn!


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