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Digital Library

We have all the digital resources you are looking for - from your favorite books, movies, and games to that article you need for that paper you’re writing.

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  • Computers with internet access
  • Printing Services
  • Fax Services
  • Windows 10 & Microsoft Office 2013
  • CAC-enabled computers


All authorized ID card holders are eligible to use the library collection.


Click here to register and begin using the digital library. Registration must be completed on a government computer. Once completed, you can access most applications from your home computer or smartphone.

For assistance gaining access to these resources, contact the Digital Library Staff at 228-377-3308.


  • Downloadable Books
  • Audio Books
  • Consumer Reports
  • Investment Research
  • Major US Newspapers
  • Genealogical Databases
  • Scholastic Research
  • CLEP Test Prep Material
  • ASVAB Test Prep Material
  • DIY, Fitness, Ancestry, Tutoring, Careers, School Research, Investing, Music, Movies, FUN, and more!

Our Mission

We have all the digital resources you are looking for - from your favorite books, movies, and games to that article you need for that paper you’re writing.


The Digital Library, in partnership with Recorded Books (Prince Frederick, MD) and the Air Force Library Program, is pleased to announce the introduction of Universal Class Library Edition, a powerful new online continuing education service designed specifically for use by the patrons of public libraries.

Universal Class offers patrons a unique online education experience. With a growing catalog of over 540 courses, Universal Class is committed to providing only the most affordable and highest quality online training. Over 300,000 students around the world have benefited from UC’s unique instructional technologies. With real instructors guiding the learning, engaging video-based lessons, a collaborative learning environment, graded lesson tests, certificates of achievement and Continuing Education Units available for selected courses, students enjoy an engaging and measurable learning experience that helps them master and document their educational goals. Universal Class offers courses in Exercise and Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Arts and Music, Home and Garden Care, Cooking, Computers and Technology, Health and Medicine, Homeschooling, Job Assistance, Law and Legal, Parenting and Family, Pet and Animal Care…plus 100’s more. Stop by the digital library inside Vandenberg Commons for more details.

Provides e-journal, e-book, and e-journal package and print subscriptions, e-resource management tools, full-text and secondary databases, and related services for all types of libraries, research organizations, and corporations. NOTE: Stop by or call the digital library located inside Vandenberg Commons for access information.

Part of Cengage Learning is a world leader in e-research and educational publishing for libraries, schools, and businesses. Best known for providing accurate and authoritative reference content, as well as the intelligent organization of full-text magazine and newspaper articles, the company creates and maintains more than 600 databases that are published online, in print, as e-books, and in microform.

NOTE: Stop by or call the digital library located inside Vandenberg Commons for access information.



DoD Libraries offers books, magazines, and audiobooks straight to your personal devices. You can even tie your borrowed books to your personal kindle e-readers/tablets or other devices. With such an easy registration, you'll be utilizing DoD Library in minutes. Visit to start the registration process. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Select "Sign In" (upper right)
  2. Under “Select your Library” choose “Air Force - Email Self Registration”
  3. Input your government email address. A confirmation code will be sent to your email. This may take about 30 minutes.
  4. Once you input the code, you’ll be able to gain access.

Individual person/family accounts can be set up to allow download/playing of full-length audio/electronic books on a personal computer or e-reader. They work for 10 days. Some can be burned to a CD. CLEP e-books also available. NOTE: Patron needs to call the library or come in to have the personal account set up.


Get online tutoring and career help at no charge, provided by the Department of Defense. gives students of all ages the help they need to succeed in school and beyond. Authorized patrons include U.S. active duty military service members, U.S. military reservists, U.S. National Guard personnel on active duty in a deployed status and DoD civilians in a deployed status and their dependents. NOTE: Stop by or call the library for access information. There is a demo video on their website. You will need to retrieve it from Convert to mp4 Upload to video folder Build demo button


Provides library resources, available at no charge, to service members and their families – a particularly helpful benefit for Guard and Reserve members and their families who may not have access to installation libraries. NOTE: Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard service members and their families are eligible for Military OneSource.


Members of the military, spouses, and children can take advantage of these and many other resources from the DoD MWR Libraries:  CLEP, DSST, ASVAB, test prep and more. College planning resources. Portable civilian career resources NOTE: Simply create your own account and get started today!


Search across thousands of books from O'Reilly, Addison-Wesley, Cisco Press, Microsoft Press and more through this e-reference library. Read books cover-to-cover. NOTE: Simply create you own account and get started today!


The Tumblebook Library has ebooks for ekids. Read, listen, and play games. Ages 4-12. Provided by DoD MWR Libraries. NOTE: Stop by or call the library for access information.

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Digital Library

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