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    Professional Development Center

Professional Development Center

The Professional Development Center (PDC) consists of the Development Advisor (DA) and First Term Airman Center (FTAC). The DA manages the PDC, providing oversight of FTAC, briefings, and seminars.

The Development Advisor (DA) advises personnel regarding their future in the Air Force to include: career job reservations, retraining, special duties, assignments, and personnel programs directly impacting them and their retention in the Air Force. DAs work closely with professional organizations and appropriate experts, from your local MPF and leadership to functional managers and AFPC. Additionally, the DA works hard to ensure the highest quality of information and programs are offered through the Professional Development Center.

Principal advisor to commanders & enlisted members on Force Management programs and Enlisted Professional Enhancement opportunities.

Our Mission

The mission of the Professional Development Center (PDC) is to help service members reach their personal and professional goals and to assist commanders by providing career enhancement support for the total force.


The Keesler Total Force Development Council offers an array of professional development courses open to all enlisted officer and civilian (GS and NAF) personnel from all military services. Below is our reoccurring course list, but make sure to check our Share Point site for more opportunities.

For Professional Development opportunities and courses, please visit the PDC Share point site here or contact us at 228-377-3697.

Upcoming Events

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Professional Development Center

706 General Chappie James Rd Building 2902, Rm 122A Keesler AFB, MS 39534

Hours of Operation

  • Mon - Thu
    7:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Holidays/AETC Family Days